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Industrial Tradesman Magazine was formed in 1993(Originally The Construction Job Hotsheet) with the objective of providing industrial construction workers with information on upcoming projects, shutdowns and new construction. The Industrial Tradesman Magazine is a national, monthly magazine that targets industrial construction workers and industrial construction companies throughout the U.S and has become the most trusted, widely read construction magazine in the industry.

The industrial Tradesman Magazine contains current project listings of shutdowns & turnarounds, new construction & marine construction in the industrial job market.

The Industrial Tradesman Magazine is a resource used by construction workers as well as construction companies. Project listings include the location of projects, the pay rate and benefits, the duration of the project and the crafts being hired.

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Bruce Glisson

Originator of the "Construction Job Hotsheet", Bruce Glisson was a traveling construction worker for over 20 years. He started the "Hotsheet" for traveling construction workers to have the job information they needed. He recalls; " I remember pumping quarters into the pay phone, looking for a decent job. It was just a part of running the road." Now with cell phones and technology, the "Hotsheet" or Industrial Tradesman is still a relevant need for traveling construction workers. We are always looking for ways to help make your job search easier with our website.

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